Here’s how it works:

Before you buy a used board, you can check its serial number on the Snowboard Registry webpage to make sure it hasnšt been reported stolen.

Enter your serial numbers now for the boards you own to protect your property. The serial number is engraved in the top sheet of your board. We keep your contact info on file in case your board shows up, then we will try to contact you. The info on the form you fill out stays confidential, only the serial number, make, model, and length are posted on the webpage. We will never sell your info or use it to solicit you.

If your board disappears:

If you register your board, and it disappears, you can go online to and find the serial number and details of your board so you can file an accurate police report.

You can even get your board details if you are away at a resort by going to this site. Just read down the "Owner" list on the registry until you find your initials.

Email us at if your board disappears and we will post it on the "MISSING" list. Tell us your name and board make/model and phone number so we can contact you if it turns up.